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Custard Powder - Good Or Bad  For Diabetes

Absolutely! Custard has been a staple dessert in many households; just because a person has diabetes doesn't mean they have to avoid it. The question here shouldn't be whether custard powder is good for people with diabetes but how people with diabetes can indulge in this sweet delight and not let it affect their health. 

Custard powder looks similar to cornstarch. This is because cornstarch is essentially the thickener used in custard. Custard powder comprises cornstarch powder, salt, and food colouring. It is a quick-fix solution to making a bowl of custard and is also good for people who want to avoid eggs and find a healthier alternative to it because of their high cholesterol levels. Also know how to get freedom from diabetes?

Nutrition Information

The nutritional value of custard powder is the same as the milk it is used with. Custard powder in itself has very few nutrients. The nutritional value of 100 g of packaged custard powder, a household staple, can be broken down into 0% fat, 99% carbs, and 1% protein. The high level of carbs in custard can get the alarm bells ringing. But the Glycemic Index for 100 g serving is 37, which falls in the low GI category. Therefore, custard powder, despite being loaded with carbs, does not trigger a spike in your blood glucose. A bowl of custard is rich in calcium, Vitamin A, and retinol.

The nutritional information about 260 grams of custard is as follows: 

Calories: 247

Cholesterol: 190 mg

Carbohydrates: 29 gm

Sugar: 28 gm

Protein: 13 gm

Iron: 0.81 mg

Potassium: 416 mg

As custard is essentially made with milk and custard powder, you can customise it by adding ingredients that are good sources of protein. It is also rich in calcium and vitamin B, which help digestion, strengthen bones and improve our cell health. So, now if anybody asks if custard powder is good for diabetes, we know how to help them make an informed decision about improving their health. Know about fruit for diabetes.

Custard Powder effect on Blood Sugar

So, is custard powder good for diabetes? Custard powder alone does not affect our blood sugar levels directly as it doesn't have any major nutritional value. Also, a low GI count does not lead to a spike in blood glucose. Therefore, the ingredients we mix with the custard powder are the game-changer. What we mix with custard powder will determine how it will affect our blood sugar. Therefore, the ingredients we use in custard are critical to maintaining its nutritional value. 

Custard is primarily made by mixing custard powder, milk, and sugar into a thicker-than-water consistency. We recommend adding fruits to it as a taste enhancer. Milk, the base product, contains carbohydrates that can affect your blood sugar levels. People with diabetes can use other alternatives to pure cow or buffalo milk to tackle this issue. Skimmed milk, almond, or flax seed milk are healthier options for icing with custard powder as they contain zero or low carbohydrates. 

Likewise, you can use fruits like apples, oranges, fresh berries, cherries, pears, and kiwi in your custard, as these fruits are considered a superfood for people with diabetes. Custard is an excellent alternative compared to sweets, chocolates, and sugary products. We must remember to avoid eating processed or sugar-laced custard as it can spike your blood sugar levels. Custard can be prepared in many variations according to your need and taste. If you want to increase the protein content in your custard, you can use skimmed milk powder and remove milk altogether. 

More Healthy Alternatives

There are several alternatives to custard powder like pudding mix and pastry cream. But these foods are sugary and will trigger an unwanted spike in the blood glucose levels. If your sweet tooth is being unreasonably adamant and you need to satiate the urge, there are healthier alternatives to custard. 

The best is to get yourself a mixed bowl of fruit salad. Some fruits like kiwi, dragon fruit, and even the humble apple, when taken with a serving of berries, make a healthy diet for people with diabetes. It is filling and also ends your craving for sweets.  

When it comes to replacing a dessert laden with sweet, papaya latte or shake can be a great option. It is filling and comes close to custard in terms of make and taste. It has organic sugars that lend a taste similar to that of custard. 

Alternatively, a papaya fruit bowl can also be filled and end the craving for sweets. We recommend papaya for people with diabetes as it has a low Glycemic Load. Taking in moderation (1 bowl a day) can help bring down sugar levels. 

Pumpkin smoothies and pumpkin pudding made with almond milk can make a great dessert. We must ensure not to go for readymade pumpkin pies and shakes high on sweeteners. Just keep in mind to use sugar free options. 

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When taken in moderation and with healthy ingredients, Custard powder can be the go-to dessert for people with diabetes. You can mix and match it with high protein, vitamin, and low-sugar products, which won't elevate your blood sugar levels and will be appetising too. As it is homemade, this removes the possibility of adding artificial additives to the mix. You can also find healthier versions of custard powder, which are gluten-free, egg-free, or made with wheat-based ingredients. So, stop worrying if custard powder is good for diabetes and let your taste buds indulge! You can book a consultation with our experts if you wish to go for a planned diet chart and calendar. 




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