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Know All About Glyciphage SR Tablet

Glyciphage SR 500mg Tablet is prescribed by medical practitioners to people with diabetes. It is given to people with type 2 diabetes which is also known as adult-onset diabetes. In the simplest terms, it is prescribed when the body is not sensitive to insulin or it is not producing the required amount. It is a prolonged condition and mostly irreversible. 

Given the type of diabetes, the first option is to try and control the blood sugar levels by exercising and committing to a particular type of diet. When that alone is not helping, this is the first line of defense for the body.  Also know about diabetes yoga

What is Glyciphage?

Glyciphage is a drug prescribed to those with diabetes that belongs to the biguanide class of medicines. Glyciphage consists of Metformin hydrochloride and lowers glucose production in the liver. At the same time, it delays the absorption of glucose from the intestines to maintain blood sugar levels. 

Uses of Glyciphage

This medicine has proven to be vital for treating type 2 diabetes. Let us take a look at the uses. 

  • Glyciphage SR 500 mg is important to control blood sugar levels and increase the body’s insulin sensitivity. 
  • Glyciphage SR 500 mg does not lower the blood sugar suddenly causing hypoglycemia. 
  • Unlike most anti-diabetic medications, it does not cause weight gain. Instead, it causes modest weight loss. Essentially, Glyciphage 500mg for weight loss is better than other anti-diabetic medications on the market.
  • Glyciphage SR 500mg uses are most important at the prediabetic stage, as it is the only medication that can help. 
  • Glyciphage SR 500 mg reduces health risks that come with high blood sugar levels like kidney damage, blindness, loss of feeling in extremities, or even amputation of the foot. These are the long-term benefits of this medication.
  • The short-term benefits are that Glyciphage SR 500 mg prevents stroke or a heart attack. 

This medicine should only be ingested when prescribed by a doctor. It should be consumed with meals to help reduce stomach or bowel-related side effects. It should be gulped down with a full glass of water. 

How Does Glyciphage SR 500 Work?

Glyciphage SR 500mg is prescribed to people with type 2 diabetes to maintain blood glucose levels. Here is how it works.

  1. This means the body’s sensitivity to insulin needs a boost and that is what Glyciphage SR 500 mg achieves. 
  2. Glyciphage SR 500 mg reduces blood sugar production by the liver. 
  3. Glyciphage SR 500 mg delays the absorption of sugar in the bloodstream from the intestines to ensure there is no spike in glucose levels after meals. 
  4. Glyciphage 500mg uses extend beyond this as it is also prescribed to women with polycystic ovary syndrome. It regulates the menstrual cycle by lowering blood sugar levels, balancing the hormones, and assisting ovulation. 

If one has been prescribed this medicine, then the blood sugar levels need to be managed accordingly. The levels may drop suddenly when Glyciphage SR 500 mg is paired with intensive workouts, drinking alcohol heavily, or failing to eat on time. Should you change your schedule after starting with the medicine or if you notice any of these medical conditions, notify your doctor immediately. 

If you think your blood sugar level is under control, do not miss a dose of Glyciphage SR 500 mg. If you do miss a dose, consult your doctor and do not take a double dose the next time. Also know about sugar in urine test.

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Side Effects of Glyciphage SR

Although Glyciphage tablet uses can be life-saving, there are a few side effects of this medication. They are –

  1. Issues while digesting food. 
  2. Feeling of nausea which may lead to loss of appetite. 
  3. Another symptom includes vomiting. 
  4. You may suffer from diarrhea. 
  5. There may be some abdominal pain as well. 
  6. One of the uncommon yet sinister side effects is lactic acidosis. This condition is caused by too much accumulation of lactic acid in the body. The expulsion of excessive lactic acid from the blood is done by the kidney and the liver. It is essential to reveal all issues to your doctor when you go for a consultation as Glyciphage 500mg tablet should not be taken if you have kidney disease as indicated by a blood test. 
  7. Glyciphage SR 500 mg can lower the level of vitamin B12 and it is better to keep getting blood tests done from time to time. 

Your doctor may choose to ignore the Glyciphage 500 side effects if the pros outweigh the risks.

Drug Interaction Effect of Glyciphage Tab

Certain diabetes-related drugs are known to have an interactive effect on some medications. However, it is a good idea to take precautions with glyciphage as the side effects can be avoided. IT would be ideal if you could inform your doctor about any previous medications, you are on if it is prescribed to you for type 2 diabetes. Some of the drugs that are known to interact with glyciphage are:

  • Dieuretics – it enhances the production of urine
  • Ibuprofen and celecoxib – are used to treat pains and inflammation.
  • ACE inhibitors – usually recommended for treating high blood pressure
  • Salbutamol or terbutaline – used for the treatment of asthma
  • Corticosteroids – these are helpful for any inflammation of the skin or even for asthma
  • Several other drugs like – verapamil, cimetidine, vandetanib, etc also show certain patterns of interaction with the glyciphage SR tablets. Anti-diabetic drugs such as sulphonylureas, insulin, etc can also alter the positive and helpful effects of glyciphage SR tablets. 
  • It is also advised that any herbal or ayurvedic medicine should be reported to the doctors before consuming this medicine.

 Advice for the Patients Taking Glyciphage SR 500 mg Tablet

Any person with diabetes who is prescribed these tablets should follow certain advice and precautions to reap this tablet's maximum benefit and avoid its side effects. Doctors would give you certain lifestyle-related changes and other advice that you can take into consideration for the best results.

Lifestyle-Related Advice

  • Ensure that blood pressure levels remain normal (140/90) as cardiovascular disease risk is high in people with diabetes.
  • Higher levels of stress lead to a rise in the level of cortisol in the body. This can also result in increased sugar levels. Therefore, an important lifestyle change related to stress management techniques is a must – the practice of yoga, meditation, therapy, exercise, etc is suggested
  • Doctors would ask the patients to engage in regular and frequent exercise to maintain proper blood sugar levels in the body. Moderate levels of physical activity at least 3 times a week is best. Additionally, even 30-minutes of regular walking could help better control blood sugar levels. 
  • Since omega-3 fats are healthier, replace saturated fats with them. The consumption of unhealthy fats can lead to higher cholesterol levels in the body. This can end up reducing the effect of glyciphage rendering it less effective
  • Another dietary elimination would be in the form of unhealthy refined carbs. These would include all the items like – cakes, pastries, biscuits, cookies, and other baked goods. Instead, increasing the consumption of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, etc that have more fiber can be beneficial. Fiber-rich foods slow down the rate of digestion leading to lesser spikes in blood sugar levels. Also know about sugar free biscuits.
  • Maintain a healthy body weight – burn the additional fat to help optimize blood sugar levels
  • Engage in the consumption of low-fat dairy products

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Special Advice

  • You cannot simply leave the job to be done by the medications alone. It would be vital to make the lifestyle changes that are necessary to effectively control the symptoms of diabetes in the long run
  • Do not stop any medication, including glyciphage, without the consent of the doctor. Even if your blood sugars have been steadily under control, only reduce/stop the medication after you have consulted your doctor.
  • In case you have missed a dose, do not compensate for it by taking twice as much amount during the next dose. Only take the prescribed amount. Speak to your doctor beforehand about what to do in case you happen to miss a dose. Adding extra doses would result in hypoglycemia which can add to the complications. 
  • Prolonged fasting when on the glyciphage tablets should be avoided. It would be better to take smaller meals more frequently as they can help to control the symptoms of hypoglycemia. 
  • Keep a keen watch on the symptoms of hypoglycemia – any dizziness, dry mouth, frequent urination, shaking of hands and feet, sweating, etc can be due to low blood sugars. 
  • If you experience nausea or stomach pain, it is advisable to take a complete glyciphage pill with meals.
  • If you have any co-morbid conditions like – kidney issues, liver-related problems, heart conditions, etc, speak to your doctor before you begin taking glyciphage.
  • Do not consume alcohol if you are on these tablets. Glyciphage SR is known to interact with alcohol and can lead to low blood sugar levels, often to a fatal level, if not controlled immediately. 

Since this is one of the most easily available and effective tablets for diabetes, it is prescribed often to patients with type 2 diabetes. Following the correct instructions and precautions while taking these medications would help.

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Glyciphage SR 500 mg is an extremely beneficial medicine but it should not be consumed without a doctor’s prescription. Whenever you are going to the doctor, reveal all your issues and the extent of them supported by tests so that doctor can take an informed call. Glyciphage side effects can be misinterpreted as hypo or hyperglycemia. The dosage should be adhered to and in case of any issues or symptoms, doctors should be informed immediately. If you have made any lifestyle changes after or before starting the medicine, they should be informed to your doctor as well. Also know about fasting blood sugar level.


Can this medicine be taken during pregnancy?

Is Glyciphage SR 500mg pregnancy friendly? It is not recommended during pregnancy. The doctor may prescribe if they feel that the benefits outweigh the risks. 

Can this medicine be taken while breastfeeding?

Glyciphage SR 500 mg is not recommended if you are breastfeeding or planning to breastfeed your baby. 

Does Glyciphage SR 500mg cause weight loss?

Yes, Glyciphage SR 500 mg causes weight loss in the beginning. But if you notice excessive weight loss, then inform your doctor immediately. 

Does Glyciphage SR 500mg cause sleepiness?

Sleepiness may be caused if you have a condition called lactic acidosis. This may occur due to your kidneys not functioning properly. If this happens, the doctor should be informed immediately. 

What is the glyciphage sr 500 price?

Glyciphage SR tablets are easily available in the market at a very affordable price. It costs around 21 Rs. for 1 strip of 10 tablets. You can but it from your nearest medical store or online.

Is Glyciphage and Metformin same?

The generic name for glyciphage is metformin. Glyciphage sr 500 composed of Metformin hydrochloride. Metformin is the active ingredient of metformin hydrochloride.

What is the difference between Glyciphage and Glyciphage SR?

Glyciphage SR is a Sustained-release drug, a modified release dosage. Sustained-release drugs are often denoted by the letters "SR" at the end of their names. These drugs slow the release of medication from a pill or capsule, allowing you to benefit from the treatment for a longer length of time. This may necessitate taking fewer dosages medicine of throughout the day.


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