CGM Experiment : Oats vs Granola?

Experiment Question

Which is the better choice between Oats and Granola?

Experiment Answer


Granola has much less carbohydrates than Oats. have more carbohydrates than granola, and hence the spike in glucose levels will be less with granola. Granola also contains Nuts and Healthy Fats, which slow down the release of glucose in blood, and consequently a lower glucose spike.

Scientific Rationale

Although both Oats and Granola are obtained from from Oat Grains, the added nuts, seeds, and dried fruits in Granola give you a source of fiber and healthy fats that oatmeal does not provide.



Oatmeal is a whole-grain cereal and a good source of fiber, carbs, protein, and Vitamin B. People usually prefer rolled or crushed oats as they cook quickly compared to their whole form. Instant (or quick) oats cook the fastest but are also the most highly processed.


Granola is high in fiber and protein—both of these contribute to feeling full after eating. The high levels of protein come from the nuts and seeds in granola, and the fiber comes from the oats as well as the nuts and seeds. The high-fiber foods found in granola help increase digestion time, which helps you feel fuller, longer. It can also aid in appetite control.

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