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Amway Products for Diabetes- Benefits and Uses

Diabetes is a chronic disease that, if not managed can lead to many life-threatening conditions.Allopathic Medications may sometimes have side effects on your body that are undesirable. But what if you could get products that are natural yet effective in keeping your blood sugar levels normal? Amway is one such company that manufactures several nutrition supplements and diabetes medicines that are Vegan and 100 % chemical free, which are not only herbal but effective for diabetes as well. Read more about medications for diabetes.

List Of Amway Products For Diabetes

1. Nutrilite Madhunashini, Shunti & Twak


Nutrilite Madhunashini, Shunti & Twak contains extracts drawn from certified organic herbs.

It is ensured through DNA fingerprinting that the correct herb species are put into the tablets.

The medicines contain herbal ingredients that are time tested to maintain normal blood glucose levels.

Uses and Benefits:

It helps maintain a healthy metabolism, keeping blood glucose levels within the normal range.

This Amway diabetes medicine helps in the normal functioning of the pancreas through tested biological functions.

Their antioxidant properties help maintain normal lipid metabolism.


The recommended tablet dosage is one tablet twice a day. But you can consult with a doctor regarding the dosage.

How to take it:

You can consume one tablet before breakfast and one tablet before dinner. Take Nutrilite Madhunashini, Shunti & Twak with water. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, children under 12 years of age, and people with some medical condition should consult a doctor before consuming Madhunashini, Shunti & Twak.

Side effects:

Nutrilite Madhunashini, Shunti & Twak is a plant-based medicine; therefore, it is safe to consume. There are no reported side effects from consuming this medicine.

2. Nutrilite Glucose Health


The main ingredient of Nutrilite Glucose Health is a mineral called Chromium. It helps in regulating glucose levels to a normal range.

The main function of Chromium is the transfer of glucose from our blood to the cells to transform it into energy.

It is gluten-free and contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

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Uses and Benefits:

Nutrilite Glucose Health combines minerals and herbs together to help our body absorb energy from foods.

The Amway Diabetes medicine helps metabolize fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

Nutrilite Glucose Health helps in maintaining digestive health.

If combined with exercise and a low-calorie diet, the tablet can help keep blood glucose levels in check.


The recommended tablet dosage is one tablet thrice a day. Consult with your doctor before consuming the tablets.

How to take it:

You can consume one tablet with a glass of water. It can be taken thrice daily, thirty to forty minutes before meals.

Side effects:

The primary ingredient chromium might increase insulin sensitivity, affecting your blood glucose levels. Therefore, hypoglycemics should use this medicine only under a doctor’s supervision.

3. Glucosamine HCL with Boswellia


Glucosamine HCL with Boswelia is an Amway diabetes medicine that contains a blend of Boswelia, Bromelain, and glucosamine HCL.

The medicine also contains citrus bioflavonoids and acerola concentrate.

It is made with certified organic herbs.

Uses and Benefits:

The product helps regulate your blood glucose levels naturally.

It encourages a healthy insulin response.

Diabetes can lead to bone and muscle weakness. Glucosamine HCL with Boswelia provides bone and joint support for people with diabetes.


The recommended tablet dosage is two capsules twice daily. Pregnant women, nursing women, children below 12 years, and people with some medical condition can consult their doctor before consuming it.

How to take it:

The product should be consumed with a meal twice a day.

Side effects:

The minor side effects of Glucosamine HCL with Boswelia might include nausea, constipation, and dyspepsia. Also read about can diabetes be cured.


All the wellness products by Amway are safe for consumers. They comply with the country's regulations and meet every standard regarding quality, even at the international level. Amway products are suitable for diabetic patients as well because they are vegan and made from plant products. They are chemical-free and do not have any side effects on the human body. You can consult your doctor regarding Amway products for diabetes because they can best guide you regarding any disease. Read more about sugar tablets.


Which Amway product is good for diabetes?

Nutrilite Madhunashini, Shunti & Twak and Nutrilite Glucose Health are good for diabetes. These are non-GMO products and have no added colours, preservatives, or flavors. They control the blood glucose levels naturally without any harmful side effects of chemicals. Each herb of both the products is full of antioxidants and thereby maintains the overall health of the body. Also know how to reverse diabetes.

Is Amway Madhunashini good for diabetes?

Yes, Amway Madhunashini, Shunti & Tawk is a wellness product by Amway Nutrilite that helps to regulate blood glucose levels. It helps maintain the pancreas normal functioning, thereby monitoring insulin resistance. It also helps maintain normal lipid metabolism. Also know about the best ayurvedic medicine for diabetes.

Is amway products good for health?

A variety of health, beauty, and home care products are available from Amway, but their efficacy and safety can differ, so it's vital to use caution and speak with a doctor before using them for medical needs.


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