The Better Choice: Alcohol with Potato Chips or Alcohol with Peanuts?

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Shifa Fathima

Experiment Question

Which of these Foods is the Better Choice? Alcohol with Potato Chips or Alcohol with Peanuts?

Experiment Answer

Alcohol with Peanuts!

Roasted peanuts have almost half carbohydrates as compared to potato chips in the same quantity. To avoid a spike in sugar levels, it is important to take a snack that is not high in carbs, along with alcohol. Hence, peanuts are a better choice.

Scientific Rationale

The human body can lose a lot of water during prolonged physical activities, like marathons, during which essential minerals like potassium and salt can be lost. Here's where peanuts and beer come in: Nuts are rich in potassium and weak beers, like lagers, contain vitamins and carbohydrates. Experts even suggest the combination could be more beneficial for hydration than water or a sports drink

Peanuts have high amounts of fat which are helpful in slowing the absorption of alcohol. During long runs - including marathons - the human body can potentially lose up to three litres of fluid every hour. Nuts are rich in potassium and contain vitamins and carbohydrates which will restore energy. The kind of food usually consumed along with Beer like potatoes chips, fries, pakoda, and more are all salty in nature and increases thirst. This makes us crave for more fluids which in this case could be beer, thus resulting in consuming excessive empty calories because of it.

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