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Extreme Fat Loss Workout Plan

We know daily exercise is good for optimizing health. But with extreme fat loss and transformations being popularised by several media houses and television shows, massive weight loss has become an expectation for those adopting a new diet and workout plan. Unfortunately, these fat loss extreme transformations are not realistic or sustainable in the long run. Hence, we have the perfect solution for this dilemma and will be curating an overall strategy to help you with your weight loss goals. For some people, the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes will be extreme. However, take your time to incorporate them slowly into your life, and you will be on the path to extreme transformation.

Why Use Weights and Cardio at the Same Time?

If you are someone who needs to work on a work schedule, this plan may be for you. It will not be easy, but the effort and consistency are worth it. These exercises include several principles for maximum exercise intensity.

What you will notice right away is that you are going to superset. For beginners, a superset is performing two exercises in a row with no breaks in between. Perform the first action, then immediately move on to the second action. After the second task, you can take a break.

Instead of doing two fat loss extreme strength exercises, you do one strength exercise in the recommended rep range, followed by a set amount of aerobic. 

6 Week Fat Loss Workout Plan

Training should be performed on 3 non-consecutive days of the week. You are free to decide your training days. Completing all three workouts by the weekend will be on your way to reaching your weight loss goals. If desired, you can include a recovery walk or other low-impact activity on a non-gym day to burn a few extra calories and increase your NEAT during the week.

Week 1 and 2

The first two-week phase of this plan will quickly build your strength and endurance in very familiar surroundings- you can work out in your living room or your garage. No equipment is required at all. A yoga mat will come in handy or if you have a carpet in your living room, that too could be of great help.

Perform these three workouts in order, with at least a day off between each one.

Home Workout #1: Prime Your Muscles

Time: 20 Mins ǀ Level: Easy ǀ Benefits: Fat- Loss, Muscle-Gain

If you want to lay the foundations of strength and burn some fat to boot. This workout splits six moves into upper and lower body tri-set.

Tri-Set: Three moves performed back-to-back. You will save time, charge your fitness and spike your metabolism

Home Workout #2: Prime Your Muscles

Time: 20 Mins ǀ Level: Medium ǀ Benefits: Fat- Loss, Speed

During energy-sapping cardio, your posture is the first thing that is worked on. Strengthen your core with Tabata intervals. The short rest and full-throttle work will also help you increase your speed.

Tabata: The toughest 4 min workout you’ll ever do. Follow 20 secs of maximum effort with 10 secs of rest. Repeat 8 times.

Home Workout #3: Enhance Your Stability

Time: 15 Mins ǀ Level: Easy ǀ Benefits: Fat- Loss, Stamina

Balance is the key element for most of the workouts. Cardio training such as running, and climbing requires you to work one side of your body at a time, making balance a vital element. Also know about the anaerobic exercises at home.

Week 3 and 4

This phase of fat loss extreme workouts uses a variety of session structures to let you leave your muscles guessing, far from the boredom of only running three days a week and replaces hard work around the neighbourhood with smarter workouts that unlock the full potential of our bodies.

As before, perform these three exercises in sequence, leaving at least a day between them.

Outdoor Workout #1: Run Faster, For Longer

Time: 25 Mins ǀ Level: Medium ǀ Benefits: Willpower, Speed

It is more than just endless laps that we need to put our efforts into. We need to break our efforts into interval sprints to increase our aerobic capacity and sustain a good pace when the miles clock up.

Aerobic Capacity: A measure of your heart’s and lungs’ ability to consume oxygen- important when you want to improve your stamina.

Outdoor Workout #2: Maximum Effort, Minimum Time

Time: 20 Mins ǀ Level: Hard ǀ Benefits: Muscles, Willpower

Learning how to build strength in your arms, back and chest will increase your efficiency to help you conserve energy during cardio. Do arm wrap exercises to improve the strength of your arms.

Outdoor Workout #3: Extend Your Staying Power

Time: 20 Mins ǀ Level: Medium ǀ Benefits: Stamina, Muscles

Skipping on ropes might appear simple, but it’ll reveal your true aerobic ability. This segment also incorporates strength moves for a complete conditioning session guaranteed to increase stamina and build your physique.

Work rest Ratio: The time it takes to complete a round dictates how long you rest. In this case, your rest is equal to your work times.

Week 5 and 6

Now that you've built your strength base, increased your lung capacity, and increased your mental resilience, you're ready to begin the third step. This is best done at the gym, but it doesn't require a lot of equipment, so you can get in and out quickly and safely.
In this part of the plan, the three focused cardiovascular challenges borrow protocols and intensity of a CrossFit which will boost your metabolism.

You already know the score. Do the three exercises in sequence, with at least a day's rest in between.

Gym Workout #1: Everything Boils Down To Stamina

Time: 21 Mins ǀ Level: Hard ǀ Benefits: Fat-Loss, Stamina

This heart-pumping EMOM workout will force you to maintain a high intensity. You’ll perform burpees in minute one, row in minute two and skip with speed in minute three, repeating for 21 minutes. The clock doesn’t stop, so neither should you.

EMOM: ‘every minute on the minute.’ Begin the reps at the start of each minute and complete them all before the end

Gym Workout #2: Reach Top Gear Faster

Time: 15 Mins ǀ Level: Medium ǀ Benefits: Fat-Loss, Speed

Maxing out in the gym needn’t take hours. Throw yourself into our rapid 21-15-9 workout, deployed across CrossFit boxes worldwide, for swift advances in your speed, endurance and calorie burn. Though the reps may drop, your intensity should not. Also know about how much water to drink after workout.

21-15-9 Definition: This is the rep structure you’ll follow. Perform 21 reps of each move in the first round, 15 in the second and nine to finish.

Gym Workout #3: Reach Top Gear Faster

Time: 20 Mins ǀ Level: Hard ǀ Benefits: Willpower, Stamina

For the ultimate endurance test, turn your gym into a competition course to bump up your VO² max. This will be a true measure of the athleticism you’ve built so far. Make sure you give it everything to clock a time you can be proud of.

vO² max: An indicator of aerobic fitness, this is your maximum rate of oxygen uptake. The higher it is, the further you’ll go.


It is recommended to everyone, start by finding out their daily calorie intake. From the calculate your deficit. A 300-calorie deficit is usually plenty to see all of the benefits without forcing unnecessary dietary stress on the individual. Have just enough carbs to fuel your daily activities. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and lean proteins and any other whole food source you’d like to include in your diet. Also know about high protein vegetarian foods.

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Take before photos and check whatever measurable factors you want to track at the beginning of this program. Don’t check any other numbers again until 42 days later. Once you check those numbers after those six weeks, you should be satisfied with the progress you made.


How can I lose the most fat in 6 weeks?

On average it’s recommended to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

Can I transform my body in 6 weeks?

Yes, transformations are possible, if only the right efforts are put in.

How much fat can you lose in 6 weeks?

You can lose 12 pounds of fat on average in 6 weeks.


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