Chhavi Goel

15 years’ experience

PhD (FnN) and CPT in Foods & Nutrition, Certified Diabetes Educator

Dr. Chhavi Goel is a PhD (FnN) and CPT in Foods & Nutrition and a Certified Diabetes Educator with over 15 of experience. She has been affiliated with institutions such as JRS Hospital, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, IHM Meerut, IHM Ghaziabad, JFH across multiple areas related to Endocrinology such as Diabetes, VDD, PCOS, Obesity, Celiac etc. Her extensive clinical experience is well rounded up with specialized trainings in Fitness, Nutrition, Mindfulness and behavioral habit formation techniques. Chhavi is a member of IDA, NSI, ADE, IAPEN, Nestlle Nutrition Institute, National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases and ICDA and has been awarded Nation Nutrition Award 2019. She has publications in renowned journals and scientific papers such as medwin, pharmajournal, ipinnovative and more. She is fluent in Hindi and English. Her focus is to bring an essence of happiness and joy in lives of different users she works with.

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Food For Thought : Corn OK Please!

Did you know that maize is the highest-produced grain in the world? Since sweet corn is the most popular variety of maize, it is imperative that we understand its effects on Blood Sugar in diabetics. One common diabetes diet myths is that all starches, including starchy vegetables like corn, are bad foods to eat. The truth however, is that corn and diabetes are not sworn enemies or even mutually exclusive and it is all dependent on the portion or serving size you choose. Read on to understand the role of corn along with 'how' and 'when' Sweet Corn can be consumed even with Diabetes.

7th Apr, 2022|5 minute read