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Weight:11 Kgs

The result was with walking, exercising, proper food my weight in few months came down by 11 kgs and my sugar also came down drastically. I have now reduced my insulin because of the reduction of suga... Read more!


Weight:7 Kgs

Before Sugar fit, my Hba1c is 11.3, now it has come down to 6.3. My weight has gone down from 80kg to 73kgs. I have also got my medications done. With proper diet i started to feel improving my energy... Read more!


Sugar Level:200 mg/dL110 mg/dL

Earlier i was not sure about the impact of food intake in my body. But now i am quite mindful of what i am eating. Something which i feel is not good for me. I can easily resist food or snack right no... Read more!

Ajay kumar

Sugar Level:130 mg/dL100 mg/dL

Sugar fit does not treat us as customer, but as a friend. They treat us like we are part of the same family. They are always working towards your well being. Sugar fit did a tremendous job in guiding ... Read more!

Anil kumar

Weight:8 Kgs

The best part of about the sugar fit app is committing to daily milestones as per the dietitian. Also the food, sleeping habits and work outs easily manageable through this app. That motivated me a lo... Read more!


Weight:10 Kgs

I walk daily for 20 minutes post meal. Apart from that i also walk for 1 hour daily. I make sure to cover 12000 steps in a day. The major change in my lifestyle is that i concentrate more on improving... Read more!


Weight:8 Kgs

I have seen my LFT (Liver panel) and other readings getting better. I have started feeling much more energetic. I feel like being more active. I have started walking, going out I enjoy doing shopping ... Read more!

T D Ashok

Sugar Level:120 mg/dL90 mg/dL

Hunger was my main challenge. But my coach helped me in that by providing different food options. The way sugar fit program run, the way our health coach guides us on food, lifestyle and exercise, tha... Read more!


Weight:18 Kgs

When i have learned through this journey is that just adding 2-3 habits each week and that can be very small steps can trick your brain to achieving greater heights. Just like IT will stay with me bec... Read more!

Amrutha Bhaskar

Sugar Level:390 mg/dL112 mg/dL

Wear a watch and you should at least walk for 5000 steps - This is how they started in Sugar fit. Before the program, it was not like that. I used to feel very lazy and lethargic to do anything. But a... Read more!


Sugar Level:160 mg/dL110 mg/dL

Initially i am not aware of sugar fit. In the zoom meeting, they were saying all these things so i thought okay lets try it has helped a lot of them for diabetes reversal. I immediately subscribed and... Read more!

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